What I'm all about

I love to create. I’ve been creating all my life, and for the last eleven years I’ve done it professionally. I’ve worked for marketing agencies all over the country. I spent five years working at Intel Marketing where I helped create commercial and social media content that ranged from TV commercials to Discovery Documentary footage, and even to directing post production on product photos used for magazines and billboards.

Apart from Intel, I’ve done my own freelancing, working directly with other clients and marketing agencies to help them and their stakeholders realize their creative visions. I’ve done work for clients like Intel, Nike, and Cisco. I’m familiar with communicating directly with clients, or with CD’s and producers. I know how to brainstorm and deliver on a deadline. I’m used to adapting to different branding sandboxes and giving clients something that tickles their creative fancy, but helps facilitate their brand and mission.

Most importantly, I see the value of a good story. That’s what I look for when I go to the movies, that’s what I look for when I watch TV, and that’s what I strive for when I create content.

I’ve storyboarded, animated, edited, composited, illustrated, photo-retouched, and even worked on set. I’ve done it all, and I speak the languages, which helps me communicate with professionals in all phases of the production pipeline.

I’d like to use my skills and experience to help make great content for you. Give me a call or shoot me an email and we'll talk.